VIP Protection

Armor Risk VIP Protection Services

Armor Risk VIP protection teams are well trained personnel that come from the VIP protection industry.

The Armor VIP Protections teams fulfill the following functions:

  • One on one VIP protection

  • Multiple protection team

  • Daily itinerary planning

  • Medical services

  • Threat and Risk assessments

  • Chauffeuring of our clients and their families

  • Bugging and Debugging

  • PSD Teams

  • Advance teams to prepare for the arrival of our clients in sensitive environments

  • Premises sentry services

  • Access control to our clients business and residential premises

  • Vacation protection services

  • Overt and Covert protection services

  • Management of our clients security environments – This is on a request from our clients

Armor Protection Operators skills

  • Firearm training and tactics

  • CQB – Close Quarter Combat

  • Advance Diving

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Time Management

  • Environment management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Strategic planning skills

  • Medical training

  • General literacy and computer literacy

  • Law, legislation and knowledge of currency

  • 360 degrees awareness skills

  • Disaster managements

  • Emergency management

  • Due Diligence and background checks on the clients request

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

We have combined all aspects of security with the most technologically advanced systems available in the industry that are driven by equally skilled people.