Our Team

The Armor Risk Services team are highly skilled and equipped to deal with any situation.

All officers are:

  • PSIRA registered
  • SAPS accredited where applicable e.g. Firearm competencies
  • Prescreened before employment
  • Polygraphed on exceptions and clients request.

Our officers fall under varies categories

  • Statutory graded officers Grade A to Grade D, This encompasses the guarding solutions from a basic solution to an advanced
  • Specialized Category, This is when an officers is required to have a special skill as follows:
  • System based training, External systems that clients may have in place
  • Special skills that a client may require E.G. Safety, Assessments, Payroll, Warehousing skills, logistic skills and knowledge.
  • Officers with skills for striking and riots in the mining, industrial and corporate sectors.
  • Control Staff

A full range of solutions are from domestic, corporate and industrial guarding services to solutions for combatting shrinkage and theft if your business.

Armor SA is a proud security service provider that deploys intelligent, robust, modern security solutions that fit in with the environment they are intended to protect. Smartly deployed security is security that works and that can be relied on.

Don’t settle for second best, try Armor Risk on: 0861-2-10111info@armorsa.co.za

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

We have combined all aspects of security with the most technologically advanced systems available in the industry that are driven by equally skilled people.