Hijaking Do's and Don'ts

Modus Operandi used by Hijackers:

Hijackings happen under two different types of circumstances:

Opportunistic - This is when criminals see an opportunity and commit a crime

Reconnoitered - This is when criminals have identified what they need and the criminals plan to commit the crime

Most hijackings take place when the victims are most vulnerable and unaware.

Hijackings have no specific location that they may occur. They could happen anywhere. E.G.: When you pull in or out of your driveway,When you arrive at work, traffic intersections, when picking up kids at school, traffic lights.

Hijackers are not robotic they have awareness of what they are doing and understand and monitor the situation before they make any decisions.


Do not speak on your cellphone when your vehicle is stationary at any locations where you are waiting in your vehicle

Do not pull directly into your driveway, before you open the gate monitor who is behind you, in front of you and next two you. If a car is behind you or approaching from the front allow them to pass before you open your gate.

Once you see that any vehicles have passed and are a good distance from you, the gate may be opened and you can pull into your property

Always pay attention to who is following you while you are driving to any destination. Sometimes Hijackers source vehicles from main thorough fairs

When you are about 5 Km from your home, turn down the music or radio, don't talk on the phone, ask the kids to remain calm and monitor your environment as you approach your home. You should pick up any unusual activity. Make this a daily task.

Remembers the value of life out ways the value of property and material things. So protect your life first at all cost and stay alive. Nobody can tell you how to handle a hijacking as every hijacking is not the same and Hijackers are people with various tendencies, some are violent some are less violent. It is ultimately your choice how to handle the situation based on what you see and feel about the live incident . try to keep calm focus on whats happening and remember everything.

Steer clear of sudden movements, and don’t look the criminal in the eye, or he may feel you’re trying to recognize him.

Know that he’s in this for the money: it’s a business to him and you’re merely sitting in his pay cheque.

Be safe!!!

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