Alarm Safety

Ensure that your alarm is activated when leaving your home and that you have locked up your home behind you. Its Just after 7 am and the the beginning of the prime house breaking times.

Always encourage staff to answer intercoms but never to open the door and never confirm how many people are inside the house should a person ask on the other side of the intercom. When a criminal rings the door bell and no answer is received it could possibly indicate that the house is empty.

If the staff member answers the intercoms they should have their cellphone with them and the police sector vehicle on speed dial or the security service provider on speed dial.

When the staff member answers the intercom and they suspect anything suspicious, even if its a thought just something at the back of their mind, they should immediately call it in for a response or a proactive check by the security service provider.

If you have any doubts that you did not activate your alarm and that you did not lock up, Call your security service provider to do routine checks on your property to ensure the situation is normal.

So ensure your alarms are ON and have a safe and stress free day.

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